Sunday, October 19, 2008

synchroblog 2

i know i didn't do the first synchroblog, but thats cause i didn't know about it in advance, so forgive me. so this topic is "I'm Usually in a Good Mood or Being Myself When..." for me i have a couple of things:

1) when i'm doing music, usually singing. music is kinda like my element, it always has been, idk why or anything i've almost always been in music so that probably has some part in it.

2) when i'm reading, i feel like i don't have to pretend for anyone, usually i'm not aware of the fact that i'm pretending, until someone points it out, but still.

3) (this one is a recent development) when i'm dancing, i realized that when i dance, i'm laughing and being silly and i sing along to the music (and most of it is really lame music) and i'm just a goof, i guess i always felt like i couldn't be goofy sometimes cause i was always either the oldest person in the group or i was the "mother" and it was appropriate for me to be goofy, but when i'm dancing (besides the fact that i'm like the only freshman in the class) i'm also not the goofiest in the class, but it is really nice cause i'm not self conscience, i'm not afraid to be goofy and weird and talk back to the teacher (trust me, she doens't care, she give us just as much, if not more, lip) so yeah i've realized that i'm totally myself and comfortable when i'm dancing, i've never even been this comfortable in band or around some of my family for that matter, so i think its a good thing that i found dance, also it makes me more outgoing, except i'm still old fashioned enough that i can't ask a guy to dance, but it doesn't even bother me when some of the girls that are learning to lead ask me to dance, which i'm sure it makes some of the other girls uncomfortable but it doesnt me, idk why, but i love it!! haha dancing is so much fun

i think that is all for my sychroblog!! enjoy, oh wait i think i'm supposed to put links for other synchroblogs, well i only have one so here:

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Kelvin Oliver said...

Singing, dancing, reading, music, all sounds like fun and being a happy person. I find myself dancing to music and I do not realize that I am jitterbugging to the music. Good post, you adorable happy person.